Cornerstone Bible Studies

Hi and welcome to our Small Group Bible Studies online resource.

These Bible Studies have been written for Small Group/Life Group/Cell Group settings and are split into two groups.

Our Discussions are more of a Discussion Outline than a strict Bible study. They were written as a compliment to our weekly Sunday messages some years ago and are deliberately discussion-based to encourage life-application of God's Word.

Our Archives are also discussion-based but are more strictly 'Bible studies' in that most of them explore the backgroud and application of a particular passage or subject.

All these studies were written quite some time ago.

Check out ourDiscussionsHere or browse our olderArchiveshere.

We now post our Sunday messages on ourSermons pageas audio files. Our current group studies are designed to be used in conjunction with the corresponding weeks sermon and are available as links from the same page. Please note that a study is not written for every week.

Page last updated: June 09 2024.

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